About Us

The main breed I keep and enjoy training and flying is the Turkish Tumblers. I have several color variations including, white, black, blue bar, blue checkers, yellow, orange, cream bar, sabuni, miski, dun, brown, and some mixed of these colors with white tails, and/or flights.

The second favorite breed is the Uzbek Tumblers. Just like Turkish tumblers, this is also an ancient breed. Unlike Turkish tumblers these are very hard to breed because of their short beaks. You can see a pair of Uzbek tumblers I managed to get from my breeders. I have black, smoky  blue, blue spread, red, brown, Gulbadam (white with red chest), and other color combinations. Most of my Uzbeks are double crested, or single crested. I do have a few of the none crested types.

I also have the Russian tumblers in yellow bar(extereme dilute red), sabuni(dun), red, white, and other color combinations.

You can check our photos for the colors that I have.

Please check the "For Sale" page for the available birds. Most of the birds for sale are the youngsters of my breeding pairs.

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